Terms and Conditions
The applicant ("I", "me", "my") in consideration of Metro Medical Credit Union issuing me an Internet Banking authorization protocol (Login ID and Password) hereby agree to be legally bound by the following Terms and Conditions.

I am an owner/authorized user of the account(s) listed on my application form. I hereby request that Metro Medical Credit Union issue to me a Login ID and Password to be used to access these accounts through the Internet Banking System.

BankIT (Home Banking) is a free service. A monthly service fee applies to PayIT (Bill Payment) services. Please refer to MMCU Rate and Fee Schedule or contact Metro Medical Credit Union for details.

I understand that I will be able to access my account(s) to view balances, account history, to transfer funds between accounts, order checks, change my address, and pay bills depending on what type of access I have designated for my account(s). I also understand Metro Medical Credit Union reserves the right to revoke such access to my accounts without prior notification.

I understand that the Internet Banking System is offered in a secure environment (as long as I use a secure browser) in order to afford protection for account numbers, account balances, bill payment information and other personal data which may be transmitted by or to me through the internet. I agree to change my Password upon my initial access to the system. I agree that I will designate what my new password will be and that Metro Medical Credit Union will not be able to determine what that password is, for security reasons. I further agree that Metro Medical Credit Union will not be responsible for monitoring transactions to determine if they were indeed made by the authorized user. I agree that I am responsible for the security of my Login ID and Password and I agree to properly safeguard this information.

I agree to contact Metro Medical Credit Union immediately if I believe that my Login ID and Password have been lost or stolen or if unauthorized transactions have taken place on my account(s). I also agree that if my monthly statement shows transactions(s) which I did not make, and I do not contact Metro Medical Credit Union within 60 days after the statement was mailed to me, I may not get back any money lost after that time. I agree that if I give my Login ID and Password to someone else to use, I am authorizing them to act on my behalf and I will be responsible for any use of the Internet Banking System by them.

If Metro Medical Credit Union does not complete a transfer, not including a bill payment (see “Bill Payment”), to or from my account, on time or in the correct amount, Metro Medical Credit Union will be liable for my loss and damages. However, there are some exceptions.

Metro Medical Credit Union will not be liable:

  1. If, through no fault of Metro Medical Credit Union, there are insufficient funds in my account to complete that transaction.
  2. If the funds in my account are unavailable.
  3. If the funds in my account are subject to legal process.
  4. If my account is frozen because of a delinquent loan.
  5. If I, or anyone authorized by me, commits any fraud or violates any law or regulation.
  6. If any part of the transfer system is not working properly or I knew about the problem when the transfer was initiated.
  7. If circumstances beyond Metro Medical Credit Union control (such as fire, flood, or power failure) prevents the transaction.

Additional Billing Information is disclosed on the PayIT Virtual Branch website. Please refer to MMCU’s Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement & Disclosure Addendum.

For questions or concerns please contact:
Metro Medical Credit Union
8828 Stemmons Frwy., Suite 113
Dallas, Tx. 75247
214-688-7042 fax