At MetroWest Community FCU, safety and soundness are our top priorities. All Online Banking transactions are managed via a secure server, which is separate from the web server that hosts our Internet site. This adds another layer of security for your peace of mind. To further protect your information and accounts, we have built a secure connection between our systems and the Internet. This connection is protected by a firewall, which regulates all the information going between us and the Internet, and is intended to prevent entry by anyone without proper authority.

Our security team continually monitors this system for any suspicious activity and alerts are generated if anything unusual arises.

As technology changes, we use services that regularly report on any potential vulnerability. This means we can take action to ensure our high levels of safety are maintained.

Online Banking security-- All transactions you complete are protected from unauthorized access by a method called encryption. Encryption is a technique of coding information using random mathematical keys so that only you and MetroWest Community FCU can readily unscramble the information -- it can't be read by anyone else. New keys are created each time you log in to Online Banking and are destroyed when you log out. We use strong, industry-leading 128-bit SSL encryption. To be able to log in, you will need a browser that supports 128-bit encryption, such as Internet Explorer 7 or above or Firefox 3 or above.

We also have systems in place that constantly monitor online activity. If we come across a suspicious-looking transaction, we will investigate it to ensure there is no breach of security.

If you leave your computer, or forget to log out when you have finished a session, you will be automatically timed out after several minutes of no activity.