Q. I was using the system and it prompted me to log on again. I had already provided my Logon ID and Security Code once before, so why did it ask again?
A. This is a security feature designed for your protection. If several minutes elapse without a request from you for anything from the home banking system (exclusive of Help), then the system ends your session and does not allow further transactions until you enter your user information again. This approach helps prevent others from performing transactions on your computer in the event that you forget to properly exit the system.
Q. I keep getting messages about receiving a "cookie." What is a cookie and how do I disable the warning message?
A. Cookies are small pieces of information, sent from the server, to be stored in a file on your computer. Cookies can be used for many purposes, but at our site, a cookie is used to store security information needed to maintain a secure, confidential connection to our Internet server.
Q. Can I use the "Back" feature of the browser to go to a page that I have already been on, or do I need to use the menus to get there? Will it work the same or cause a problem?
A. Yes, you can use the Back key to return to prior pages and it will work fine. However, for security reasons, some pages automatically expire so that you cannot return to them. If you encounter this, simply use the menus to go to the location you wish.
Q. When trying to access the home banking site I entered the address of http://www.netit.financial-net.com/....etc., but it says "can't find address." What's wrong?
A. Replace the HTTP with HTTPS in the URL address line of your browser. The "S" represents "secure" and it is required to access the home banking site in a secure environment.
Q. My friend uses another financial institution and is on the Internet doing his banking. Can I use the same address he does and get on the system?
A. No. Most home banking sites are Institution specific, meaning that they only allow access to their own users.
Q. Once I have selected Help, how do I return to the application?
A. Use the "Back" function of your browser to return to your original location.
Q. How do I configure my modem and PC to connect to the Internet application?
A. If you are already connecting to the Internet, then no additional work should be required to access this home banking site. You only need to specify the correct URL address. If you are not yet connected to the Internet, then contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for more information. An ISP can give you access to the World Wide Web (WWW), which you need for access to this home banking site.
Q. I was connected to the application earlier today but am unable to connect again. The error message indicates it is unable to locate the server. What do I do?
A. First, confirm that you are able to access other sites successfully. If not, contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance. Second, confirm that the URL address you typed is correct, and that you specified HTTPS at the beginning. If that doesn't correct the problem, then it may mean that the home banking site has unexpectedly gone off-line. In this case, please contact customer service for assistance, or simply try your request again at a later time.