Getting Started

Welcome! Before you start there are a few things you will need to know.
If for any reason you do not have the information needed you can contact the office at 412-469-0410.

Print this page for reference!



  • Member Number
    • This is your Share Savings Account number that can be found on your monthly statement. (NOT the number on the bottom of your checks).
    • Example: 00000-010.
    • When you enter your Member Number DO NOT use the dash (00000010).
  • Primary PIN
    • This is the last four numbers of your Social Security Number.
  • Logon ID
    • This is your unique name you make up and can be between 6-50 alphanumeric positions.
  • MICR Account Number
    • This is the number on the bottom of your checks. This number is different than the Share Draft Account Number at the credit union.
    • The MICR number will be entered when you register your Share Draft Checking account only. If you have a Share Savings account you will not need a MICR number.
  • Security Code (Password)
    • Logging on for the first time your Security Code will be the last four numbers of your home phone.
    • Once you complete the log on for the first time your security code can be changed. It can be between 4-8 alphanumeric positions.
    • Your Security Code is not time sensitive and will only change when you change it.

Once you have this information gathered you will be ready to start the enrollment process. If for any reason you get an error message, please write the message down and then contact the credit union.