Domino Federal Credit Union

At Home Banking and Bill Payment Service

Terms and Disclosures



WELCOME to Domino FCU-Online for AT HOME BANKING. We are pleased to offer you a convenient way to view your account balances, transfer funds, review account history and receive check images on-line anywhere your want. There is no charge for this service. To enroll, call our Texarkana Office at 903-792-8651 and receive your personal Security Code which will enable you to log on.




When you enroll with Domino Federal Credit Union At Home Banking you can perform financial transaction tasks, transfer funds within the same account; such as pay a loan payment from your checking account or transfer money to your Christmas Club account, and communicate with your credit union quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be. These services provide secure access at any hour of the day or night (24/7). Loan advances may be requested by contacting the credit union loan department directly or by using the secure message system. DFCU provides several resources including electronic messages to a Credit Union Representative, or IP Mill Site or Texarkana. You can simply pick up the phone and call any of our offices in Atlanta,


You need to have a share account in good standing with Domino Federal Credit Union to sign

up for At Home Banking. To have the Bill Payment Service, you must have an active share draft/checking account in good standing and have enrolled in At Home Banking through the Credit Union office.


Once you have enrolled in Domino Federal Credit Union At Home Banking you can then enroll in Domino Federal Credit Union Bill Payment Service. In addition to viewing account balances and history, and transferring funds, Bill Payment Service allows you to set-up and pay bills all from one convenient site. Enrollment for the Bill Payment Service is completed on the web site within the Domino Federal Credit Union At Home Banking by clicking on the link –Payment Center.


Review the following Information, Disclosures, and Agreements before proceeding. If you proceed to sign on to At Home Banking and/or the Bill Payment Service you are indicating that you agree to all terms, conditions and disclosures as listed here and added at a later date. If you do not accept these disclosures you can cancel the screen or notify our Texarkana Office at 903-792-8651.


By signing into At Home Banking and using your security code you are accepting the disclosures, terms and agreements and will accept future amendments. You will be notified of any amendments through normal forms of notification such as web-site notice, statement messages, newsletter, etc. Domino Federal Credit Union will not be liable for you not receiving the amendments or other notifications.


Each of your accounts at Domino Federal Credit Union will continue to be governed by the applicable terms as outlined in the Important Account Information for Our Members brochure that is available in each office. Also, State and Federal Regulations relating to Deposit Accounts, Electronic Fund Transfer Agreement and Disclosures, Rate and Fee Schedule and by the Federal Credit Union Act and By-laws will apply.




For optimum performance, it is recommended that your system meet the following criteria:



The operation, installation and maintenance of your computer and browser software are your responsibility. DFCU is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury whether caused by your equipment or software, the services or any technical or editorial error contained in or omissions from any help screens related to the service or arising from any operation of your equipment. The use of this service will not introduce any viruses to your system. It is your responsibility to guard against a virus attack.




To subscribe to the At Home Banking, simply call DFCU at 903-792-8651 and ask to enroll in Domino Federal Credit Union At Home Banking. Once you receive your User ID and Security Code from the credit union, the service will be immediately available to you. The first time you access At Home Banking you MUST change your security code to an eight (8) – digit numeric code KNOWN ONLY TO YOU to be in compliance with the terms of this agreement.


The Credit Union does not have a record of your security code number (we can issue you another one if you forget this one). When you sign on the first time be sure to change your Security Code to one that ONLY you will know. Select a number that would be hard to guess. It is suggested to stay away from social security numbers, birth dates, or variations of familiar numbers. Do not write it down or tell anyone the number. Change the number often. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to protect this number.


Periodic Statements


Transfers made through Domino Federal Credit Union At Home Banking will be recorded on your periodic statement.


System Access


This service will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, EXCEPT when off line due to maintenance or major unforeseen events.


Personal Information


You can use this At Home Banking Service feature to change Personal Options such as name, address, phone, and e-mail address. This information is changed on the At Home Banking only. You must also notify our office directly of any changes to your name, address, phone number, or e-mail address.