Citizens Community Credit Union
Online Banking Terms and Conditions

I understand I can only use Online Banking with a Personal Identification Number (PIN). I am responsible for the safe keeping of my PIN and for all transactions initiated through Online Banking.

By accessing Online Banking, I am agreeing to the terms and conditions of Online Banking set forth by Citizens Community Credit Union.

I will notify Citizens immediately and send written confirmation of any loss or theft of my PIN. I understand that if I disclose my PIN to another person, whether it is through intentional, accidental, or negligent action, that I am responsible for any such transaction. I accept liability for all transactions made by myself, joint account owners, or anyone else to whom I might give my PIN.

I waive all present and future claims against Citizens and release Citizens from all responsibility for loss or damage not caused by Citizens' negligence which I might incur though unauthorized transactions of any kind from my account(s) through the custody and use of my PIN.

I understand Citizens reserves the right to discontinue access to Online Banking without notice and will not be liable for failure to honor any Online Banking transactions.

Amendments to this agreement may be provided to me, in accordance with applicable laws, without restatement of terms, conditions, and requirements of Online Banking.

Transactions through Online Banking are subject to terms and conditions established in the Member Account Agreement and verification by Citizens Community Credit Union.