Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your mortgage payment and prepayment options.

Our mortgage calculator can help you:

  • Calculate a simple monthly or bi-weekly payment
  • Figure the effects of prepaying your mortgage
  • Create a full amortization schedule

Simply enter the Principal, Interest, Term and Starting Month of the loan to calculate your monthly payment, principal & interest paid, and the remaining balance.

To receive the mortgage calculations, please ensure that your security settings for your internet browser is set to medium.

Principal Loan Balance $
Annual Interest Rate  %
Amortization Length in Years  
Starting Month  
Starting Year  
Monthly Principal Prepayment Amount $
Annual Principal Prepayment Amount
(enter B next to Annual Principal Prepayment Amount for Bi-weekly Loans)
One-Time Prepayment Amount
(to be paid before payment)
 Month #
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These results are approximate and are intended for information only. The accuracy of the results is not guaranteed by Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Hermanos Unidos
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