Getting Started

Welcome to BOND Community Federal Credit Unionís Virtual Branch Ė your 24 hour member service representative. Our online banking service gives you a convenient way to check your account history and current balances, transfer funds between your accounts, and pay your bills. You can also transfer payments to your BOND loan and BOND Visa credit card using the online service. In addition to those services you can sign up to receive your account statements and other credit union notices in electronic form so you save time and paper.

Need to place a stop payment and our office is already closed? Thatís okay, use the Virtual Branch to make that stop payment, re-order checks, request paper statement reprints and update your account mailing address. Swipe your debit card a lot? Use the Pending Items link to see what debit card purchases are still holding against your account.

If you are a current Virtual Branch user then you know the conveniences of this service but sometimes even the easiest way to access your account information can be frustrating. Has your Log On ID been locked and you canít log in? Just give us a call at 404-525-0619 and we can reset your security code. Do some of the screens seem different than they usually look? Use the Verify Browser Settings link to make sure your computers browser is set up to recognize the Virtual Branch site and that Virtual Branch recognizes your computer/device.

Not currently a Virtual Branch user? Enrolling is easy! Visit our home page Ė Ė and use the Enroll link to get started. You will just need to know your member account number and your AutoBOND PIN to get signed up Ė itís that simple.

We hope you find the Virtual Branch convenient and easy to use but if you have any questions feel free to call us at 404-525-0619.